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Discover how our unconstrained funding is improving the health of Australians

Impact can be measured and reported in many ways, from traditional number-based metrics through to translational case studies. All of these measures are important and help to demonstrate how research makes a difference. 

Hearts and Minds measures and reports its impact using the Impact Framework recently developed by the Association of Australian Medical Research Institute, published in their 2021 Impact Report.

The AAMRI Impact Framework looks at medical research progress in six key categories: Social Impacts, Advancing Knowledge, Capacity Building, Informing Decisions, Health Impacts and Economic Impacts. 

Scroll down to see how projects supported by Hearts & Minds are advancing medical research and improving the health of Australians.

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Research focus themes
Social Impacts
Measured by improvements in the health of society including the wealth and wellbeing of patients and communities.

Committed to conquering chronic pain

The Pain Foundation supports gifted and world-renowned doctors, scientists and clinicians in exploring and unravelling the science and management of pain
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Advancing Knowledge
Measured by research quality, activity and outreach including citations, collaborations and communicating with different audiences.

Delving into the Neuroscience of the Brain and Mind

The SUDEP project aims to develop therapies and precision medicines that address underlying problems, not just the symptoms.
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Capacity Building
Refers to developing researchers and research infrastructure, including mentorship of young researchers and the sharing of materials.

Tailoring care for remote communities

Following a two-year feasibility study, Associate Professor Neale Cohen is leading a national multi-centre clinical trial for a revolutionary once-weekly intensive model of care for Indigenous diabetes patients living in remote locations.
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Informed Decisions
Refers to decisions about health and healthcare such as changes to guidelines, policies and formal partnerships that action change.

Spotlight on Sudden Cardiac Death

A new electrical test developed by the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, in collaboration with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, and the University of Oxford, is changing history.
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Health Impacts
Measured by improvements in health status, determinants of health including individual risk factors, environmental determinants and the health system.

Is dementia truly preventable?

Dementia is the second leading cause of death of all Australians and right now, it is estimated that more than 55 million people have dementia worldwide.
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Economic Impacts
Measured by commercialisation events such as reducing healthcare costs and improving socio-economic benefits.

CAR T-cell immunotherapies for cancer

CAR T-cell therapy is a new form of immunotherapy that enhances a patient’s killer immune cells to attack and eliminate cancer.
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