The Florey

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The Florey is the largest brain research centre in the southern hemisphere, with more than 350 talented people in their teams of researchers. Their vision to advance humanity through brain research, by improving the physical and mental health and wellbeing of people globally.

The Florey is the largest brain research centre in the Southern Hemisphere, with teams of researchers dedicated to building knowledge on a range of neurological and mental health conditions.

Their expertise and world-class facilities mean that the knowledge gained in research can be accelerated into impact – from improving diagnosis to finding treatments, and changing clinical practice, improving the lives of people affected by brain and mental health conditions.

Their missions – Mental Health, Epilepsy, Project and Repair, and Dementia – have long been areas of focus and expertise for The Florey. These missions are complemented by themes that underpin our discovery research capabilities – Neurotherapeutics, Neuroimaging, Synaptic Biology and System Neuroscience. Their strengths in innovation and collaboration make The Florey a leading scientific partner within the health and medical research sector.
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