Muscular Dystrophy NSW

Beneficiary Profile

Supporting and connecting people with neuromuscular conditions.

Muscular Dystrophy NSW is NSW’s leading not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting people living with a neuromuscular condition and their families at every life stage.

For over 60 years, MDNSW have connected people across NSW living with neuromuscular conditions to the support programs they want, and the community they need.

MDNSW’s mission is to empower, connect and support the neuromuscular community and be an effective advocate for the neuromuscular community.

They achieve this by providing:

  • A strong commitment to research into progressive treatments for neuromuscular conditions, raising funds to sponsor individual researchers and research institutions as well as partnering with local neuromuscular clinics and relevant bodies including the Australian Neuromuscular Disease Registry (ANMDR) to spread knowledge and raise awareness.
  • Advocacy of causes important to the neuromuscular community including accessibility, NDIS reform and inclusion.
  • Information, support coordination and peer support.
  • Events, camps, and retreats that bring people in the community together to share, learn from and support each other.
Advancing Medical Research Through
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